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Identity management, also known as identity and access management, is a framework of policies and technologies to ensure that the right users have the appropriate access to technology resources. IdM systems fall under the overarching umbrellas of IT security and data management

A governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) framework helps an organization align its information technology with business objectives, while managing risk and meeting regulatory compliance requirements

Phishing protection refers to security measures that companies can take to prevent phishing attacks on their employees.Attackers contact targets through email that is disguised to appear as if it is from a trusted source or a legitimate company.

Unified Communications as a Service streamlines communication solutions across the enterprise. UCaaS provides real-time video conferencing, chat, SMS, and even contact center capabilities.

Also known as SOC as a Service, is a subscription-based offering whereby organizations outsource threat detection and incident response. A SOC as a Service can offer 24x7 monitoring without requiring organizations to make a significant investment in security software, hardware, and other infrastructure.

Contact center telephony is the communication and collaboration system used by businesses to either manage high volumes of inbound queries or outbound telephone calls keeping their workforce or agents productive and in control to serve or acquire customers.

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